We advise medium-sized enterprises.

To enable you to focus on your core business we translate your economic or technical concepts in a legal form. Founding, taking-over or selling a company, rephrasing your terms and conditions or registering a trademark - you obtain a quick and comprehensive solution to your legal questions.

If you deal with licensing agreements, unfair competition or receivable management, you should contact us as well.

For your private matters as a family business, we draft with you all the necessary documents such as succession schemes or wills. We are on the spot when an arrangement must be found unexpectedly.

Certainly, we represent your interests before a court, e. g. in a shareholder dispute. Alternatively, you may resolve conflicts without courts to determine the outcome. You will find a team of experts in our private institute for alternative dispute resolution (www.ifas-online.de). Moreover, we offer trainings in our specialized areas that are tailored to your needs .

Please contact us by e-mail if you have further questions.

Legal advice is a question of confidence.
We gain confidence through performance.